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Chronic Disease Education-- 6 Week Series

Chronic Disease Education-- 6 Week Series
6-week, in-person workshop for individuals with any ongoing chronic health condition.
I am a: Patient
Day of Week: Wednesday
Program Type: Chronic Disease
Time of Day: Afternoon
Start Time: 01:30 PM
Start date: May 22, 2024
End date: June 26, 2024
In Person/Virtual: In-Person
1 North SQ
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada N1S 2K6


May 22- June 26, 2024

1:30pm- 4:00pm

Hosted virtually on Zoom


Take Charge is a workshop that helps people with any chronic or ongoing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, anxiety, pain, depression or arthritis to better manage their symptoms.

Meet other people who share similar challenges with their health and find new ways to deal with these challenges. 

The workshop teaches skills for living a healthy life. Some of the topics you will learn about are:

  • healthy eating
  • exercise
  • dealing with pain and fatigue
  • managing stress
  • how to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider
  • managing medications and making treatment decisions
  • planning and problem solving

You will receive the book "Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions" and a Relaxation CD.


To register visit, or call 1-866-337-3318

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