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Dial It Down- Relaxation and Stress Management-- 5- Week Series

Dial It Down- Relaxation and Stress Management-- 5- Week Series
This program helps you develop strong skills in releasing body tension, calming and focusing the mind.
I am a:
Day of Week: Tuesday
Program Type: Wellbeing
Time of Day: Evening
Start Time: 07:00 PM
Start date: June 4, 2024
End date: July 2, 2024
In Person/Virtual: Online

Develop skills to really relax tight muscles,

settle a busy brain, calm emotions,  re-energize body & mind,
and better cope in a busy world…


During this free, 5-week group program you will have the opportunity to practice and develop strong skills from a variety of practical, effective, and well-researched mind/body calming techniques.  These drug-free strategies are especially helpful in the self-regulation of anxiety, panic attacks, muscle tension, pain, headaches, and insomnia.


Some of the topics you will learn are:

  • The 3 Dimensions of breathing for calming the nervous system
  • Introduction to Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Tips for decreasing insomnia
  • Drafting a personal action plan
  • Tips for decreasing anxiety and panic

Facilitated by Kathy Somers, R.Kin, BCB  from  the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic



June 4- July 2, 2024

7:00pm- 8:00pm

Hosted virtually on Zoom


To register visit, or call 1-866-337-3318

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